Useful Links & Credits

Lucasarts KotOR2 Site - source of promo art.
Crimson Keep Galleries - a great fan upload screencap gallery.
KotORFanMedia has loads of great fanart and fanfiction, including a few of my pieces.
Indiscripts - home of the wonderful Enthusiast and PHPSiteSkin scripts, which power this site.
Squidfingers - for a pattern used in this layout.


This layout features promotional art from the game designers, and a screencap of Atton from my most recent playthrough. Fonts used in this site include Jedi Solid, Silkscreen and Felix Titling. Scripts used are Enthusiast, PHPSiteSkin, and NL-PHPMail.

Disclaimer: This site is a fansite, run by a fan for fans. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and the character of Atton Rand are © Lucasarts and Obsidian Entertainment. No infringement is intended.