Atton Rand

Atton Rand is a suave, fast-talking scoundrel and pilot, a self-proclaimed ladies' man and something of a smart-ass. When the Exile, the main character of KotOR II, first meets him, he's in jail. This seems to be a pattern for him. Trouble follows Atton wherever he goes.

As the game progresses, you learn that there's more to Atton than meets the eye. He's got one hell of a secret to tell you, if you can get it out of him. (More about this in the spoilers section.) He is also one of two romantic interests for a female Exile, the other being the naive and noble Disciple.

In addition to being a good fighter, Atton has two unique abilities in the game. The first is his "danger sense". Whenever Atton has a bad feeling about something, it's a good idea to save your game. He is also somewhat immortal. Well, not really... but as long as he is not the last member of your party left standing, he will continue to get up and keep fighting.

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