What Was Cut?

Most of the audio tracks and scripts for the cut material is still in the game files, if you know how to find it. Download KotOR Tool and Miles Sound System, and have a crawl through the game, and I bet you'll find some interesting stuff. These are most of the Atton moments that were cut:

+ In what I suspect was supposed to be a hint about Atton's past, he was supposed to take down three Sith Assassins by himself on Peragus Station while waiting for the Exile to return to the comm console.

+ There were several scenes of Atton playing pazaak aboard the Ebon Hawk with both T3-M4 and HK-47 that were cut from the final version of the game. Worth mentioning just because the HK scene was hysterical. "Statement: If you draw another +/-1 card, I will enact assassination protocols!"

+ In a bit of dialogue that was removed from a scene where the Exile fakes his/her death, Atton reveals that he is yet another connection between the Exile and Malachor V: "Wish I'd died there, wish the storms had dragged me down into Malachor V."

+ A confrontation between Darth Traya and all of Exile's "padawan", excluding Bao-Dur, was also cut. The interesting thing here is that many of the same lines were recorded for both Kreia and Atris, implying that at one time, the latter was supposed to become Traya (possibly depending on other factors within your game). Atton has the best line by far in this scene. "And now I come in, saying something suitably heroic."

+ If your female character had more influence with Disciple than Atton, then Kreia would use Atton's unrequited love for the Exile to lure him to the dark side, and bring him along to Malachor V. There, Atton would fight Disciple out of jealousy during the endgame sequences. (I'm not sure, but this may have required your Exile to be dark side herself.)

+ If your female character had more influence with Atton, was light side, and had made Atton into a Jedi, then he was supposed to confront Darth Sion on Malachor V. Sion, of course, wipes the floor with him, and when the Exile comes along, a dying Atton confesses his love for her in a scene that makes me cry every time I hear the voice tracks.

+ There are also voice tracks of Atton asking the Exile if he can come along on the next leg of his/her journey. This may be Atton as a force-ghost (if he died for the Exile), or he may be alive - it's unclear what the prerequisites are for this scene - but either way, it's a very bittersweet moment.

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