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So who's this fanlisting for, anyway?

Nene Romanova is a member of the vigilante group called the Knight Sabers in the anime OAVs Bubblegum Crisis and Bubblegum Crash, as well as the television series Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. She also makes an appearance in a OAV called Scramble Wars, which features Super-Deformed ("Chibi") versions of characters from the original Bubblegum Crisis and another anime called Gall Force. The other Knight Sabers include their leader, Sylia Stingray, rock singer Priss Asagiri, and aerobics instructor/office girl Linna Yamazaki. Sylia's brother Mackie also helps to support the team with his mechanical abilities.

In all three Bubblegum Crisis series, Nene is the computer expert of the group. A teenage hacker, Nene became a Knight Saber when she tried to get into Sylia's computer systems. Sylia set up a very hard program to crack on purpose, with a job offer to join the Knight Sabers embedded in it. Nene was able to crack this program and accepted the job offer. As a day job, she works for the AD Police force in order to access their files for the Knight Sabers. She's actually only 17, but she hacked her own files and changed her age so she could get her job. She's definitely not the combat expert of the group, but what she lacks in fighting ability, she more than makes up for in technical know-how. As the youngest of the group, she's often seen as a little immature. In both versions, Nene becomes good friends with Sylia's brother Mackie, with hints of a brewing romance between the two technically-minded teenagers.

The layout

I titled the fanlisting "Technogeek" because, well, that's pretty much what Nene-chan is. :D I currently have two skins - one of the original, red-haired Nene and one of the new blonde Nene from Tokyo 2040.