Professional Pirate Thief

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Who is Nami?

Nami is one of the main characters from the anime/manga series "One Piece". She is the navigator for the Straw Hat Pirate Crew, and a skilled (and greedy) thief who loves treasure and oranges. She's not above manipulating people to get what she wants, and her intelligence and quick-thinking usually help her get out of trouble. She initially fights with a normal staff, but later Usopp creates a weapon for her called the Clima Tact, which is capable of affecting the air around her to cause various weather conditions and relies upon Nami's knowledge of weather to use effectively. She is a cheapskate with other people, although she will gladly spend her hard earned stolen money on clothes and other trinkets for herself. At first, she refused to join Luffy because he was a pirate; she thinks she's only using him to get treasure and a map of the mysterious Grand Line. However, she slowly comes to realize that Luffy is a different kind of pirate, and she begins to care about her new companions. Unfortunately, her tortured past won't let her escape that easily, and her new friends must fight a decisive battle to free her before she fully commits to joining the crew.