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Raynor and Kerrigan

In Starcraft, the player is cast into the role of the commander of three different races: the Humans, the Zerg, and the Protoss. In the human campaign, the player begins as a governor of a colony. Jim Raynor was the local lawman, and together, the two discovered a plot by the Earth military involving a dangerous group of aliens called the Zerg. When the Earth military turned against them, they made a dangerous alliance with a rebel group called the Sons of Korhal, led by one Arcturus Mengsk. Mengsk sent his second in command, Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan, a psionic with ghost training, to assist Raynor and the governor.

A few sparks flew at their first meeting (including my favorite bit of dialogue from the whole game: "You pig!" "What did I say?" "Nothing, but you thought it.") It's implied by their interactions that the pair may become more than friends. But then Mengsk betrayed Kerrigan, leaving her for dead on Tarsonis, which was being overrun by the Zerg. Raynor was not allowed to go back for her, and this betrayal drove the first spike between Mengsk and Raynor.

The Zerg Overmind took Kerrigan in, and began tampering with her DNA, making her into its ultimate weapon: the Queen of Blades. Seeking revenge, Kerrigan led the Zerg broods against her former friends. But there may yet be some humanity and hope left in her.


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