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About Elie (spoiler warning)

Elie is one of the main characters of the anime and manga series Groove Adventure Rave (aka Rave Master in the USA). She is a loud, boisterous girl who loves gambling. She also has amnesia and cannot remember who she really is or where she came from. Haru promised to help Elie find her lost memories. Her first memory is of waking up and seeing her name (or so she thought) tattooed on her arm - but she was looking at it upside down. It was really the numbers 3173... experiment #3173, one of many attempts to clone the creator of the Rave stones, Resha Valentine. Elie has the same powers as Resha - the world-changing power called Etherion. It is for this reason that Sieg Hart tried to kill Elie.

Huge Spoiler: (highlight to read)
In fact, it is later revealed Elie IS Resha! Resha did not die as everyone thought, but was forced into a magically-induced sleep. She awoke when Sieg Hart attacked the lab.