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Yaone is a demon, the loyal servant and friend of Kougaiji, the son of Gyumaoh. Kougaiji rescued her from being taken away, basically to become a toy for another demon lord, by saying that he wanted to keep her instead. He reassured her that he wanted her for her skills as a healer and apothecary. Yaone is skilled at making medicines and explosive devices, and she fights with a spear.

Yaone was the first of Kougaiji's inner circle to make an attempt on the lives of Sanzo and his companions. She disguised herself as a waitress at a tavern where the group was dining. Unfortunately, some of the other patrons began harassing and hitting on her. Gojyo threw an ashtray at the offending parties, and a huge bar brawl broke out. Yaone, despite a few creeping doubts about having to kill the men who came to her defence, used the distraction to spread some sleeping powder around the room. Only Hakkai realized what it was and covered his face in time to avoid passing out. Yaone and Hakkai fought, and she was defeated (even though Hakkai went pretty easy on her).

Facing defeat, Yaone held up a detonator. She had planted a bomb in the bar as a last resort, and would blow it and destroy Hakkai's companions. Except... Hakkai had already found and diffused the bomb, saying he thought it was too dangerous to leave lying around. The devestated Yaone then pulled a knife and prepared to kill herself. Hakkai, reminded of his own past, tried to talk her out of it, but then Kougaiji swept through, grabbing Yaone before she could stab herself and pulling her away to safety.

Kougaiji gave her a talking to about throwing her life away, and thankfully, Yaone's mental state seemed to stabilize after that incident. She usually winds up in battle against Hakkai when Kougaiji's team meets Sanzo's. Yaone is unfailingly polite, even going so far as to wish Sanzo's group well when they meet, and tend to their injuries when the two teams work together. (Which is actually very often for two teams of enemies. ^_^)

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I went a little screencap happy with my Saiyuki DVDs. This layout features a little collage of images of Yaone.


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