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Taiki and Sailor Star Maker in the Sailormoon manga

In the Sailormoon manga, Taiki was always female - she was just cross-dressing and disguising herself as a boy when attending Juuban High School and performing with The Three Lights. Her hobbies are poetry, gardening, and computers.

The song the The Three Lights sing is actually intended to be a beacon for their princess, Kakyuu, so that she can come find them. Sailor Star Maker helps to defeat Sailor Aluminum Siren, but not before the animate kills Mercury and Jupiter, taking their starseeds. They finally find Princess Kakyuu hidden in the incense burner that Chibi Chibi was protecting, in order to recover her strength after Galaxia's attack on their homeworld. Princess Kakyuu and the Sailor Starlights take Sailormoon to Zero Star Sagittarius, where Galaxia's base is, but the Starlights are killed and their Sailor Crystals taken by Sailors Phi and Chi.

Taiki and Sailor Star Maker in the Sailormoon anime

In the anime, the Starlights are male in human form, and this is often played up for comedic purposes. Taiki's basic personality is still the same between the anime and the manga. He still enjoys poetry, gardening, and computers, and rivals Ami in grades and intelligence. If anything, Taiki is a little more cold in the anime at first, and has little respect for anyone but his own teammates.

There are a lot of differences in the story between the anime and manga, but the anime is also longer and more drawn out. In the anime, Princess Kakyuu plays a much smaller role, unfortunately, although the Starlights have a much larger one. Kakyuu is discovered in one episode and killed one or two episodes later, right in front of her Starlights. The Starlights are never killed, and they lend their power to Sailormoon for the final battle after the inner and outer senshi are all defeated. At the end of the series, they leave with Princess Kakyuu, to go home and rebuild Kinmokusei.

At a later date, I hope to add episode summaries for episodes in which Taiki appears (which is most of the second part of Sailor Stars) to this site.

Taiki's seiyuu is Tsunoda Narumi, who also performed as Ijuuin Rei in Tokimeki Memorial.

The layout

I own the cel of Taiki that I used to create this layout. It was the very first cel I ever bought, it launched a two-year cel obsession, and although I don't really collect cels anymore, it's one of the ones I plan to keep, frame, and display when I have the time. I think Taiki looks absolutely stunning in this image.


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