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About the Nightrunner series

The Nightrunner series is an open-ended set of books that chronicle the adventures of spy and thief Seregil of Rhiminee and his apprentice and partner, Alec of Kerry. The first book, Luck in the Shadows, details how Seregil and Alec met, and together worked to uncovered a traitorous plot to blackmail Seregil and destroy the Skalan throne. Stalking Darkness continues the story begun in the first book. The enemies of the nation of Skala are working to revive a long dormant evil, and Seregil, Alec, and Seregil's mentor, the wizard Nysander, are the only ones who can battle it. In the third book, Traitor's Moon, Seregil returns home to the land that exiled him, and faces intrigue and suspicion. Another Nightrunner book has been tentatively announced by Ms. Flewelling, who is currently finishing up the Tamir Triad, a set of books dealing with the history of the nation of Skala, in which the Nightrunner books take place.

The layout

The current layout features the image from the cover of the US edition of Stalking Darkness, the second book in the series. Depicted on the cover are three of the main characters, Seregil, Alec, and Nysander.


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