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Mine Fujiko

Sexy, smart, and devious are the words to describe Lupin's sometimes partner, sometimes rival Mine Fujiko. A thief herself, she likes to use Lupin's lust for her to convince him do most of the dirty work while she makes off with the loot. More often than not, though, Lupin winds up coming to Fujiko's rescue when things go sour. In addition to her more obvious charms, Fujiko is also an expert with cars and guns, and rides a motorcycle. She often changes her hair and eye color to hide her true identity on jobs, and is a master of disguise. There are occasional hints that Fujiko may care more for Lupin than she lets on, but if it's true, she's sure not telling.

Fujiko's original voice actress is the talented Masuyama Eiko, also known for voices in anime such as Cutey Honey and Captain Harlock. In later movies, the role was taken up by Koyama Mami.