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Dragon Quest VIII

The 8th game in the best-selling RPG series Dragon Quest - and the first to be released under the Dragon Quest name in the U.S. - is the story of a young man, a cursed kingdom, and an evil magician. The hero of the game, who the player names in traditional DQ fashion, was a guard in the king's castle and a childhood playmate of the king's only daughter. He was also the only one who escaped from the horrible curse that turned the king, Trode, into a goblin-like monster and the princess, Medea, into a white mare. The boy now travels with the cursed king on a quest to find the evil magician Dhoulmagus and lift the curse from his king and princess.


Jessica is the daughter of a rich noble family from the village of Alexandria, and your third party member in DQVIII. She is essentially the mage of the party. Although she's physically weaker than your other party members, her formidible magical skills let her hold her own. Her special skills include daggers (later swords), staves, whips, fisticuffs, and sex appeal.

Her Story (Spoiler Warning)

At first, Jessica first mistakes the hero and his partner, Yangus, for the murderers of her brother, Alistair, and she attempts to roast them with a fireball. Alistair's spirit appears to her and tells her the truth - that it was Dhoulmagus who killed him. When Jessica returns home, she is determined to follow Dhoulamgus and avenge her brother. Her mother even disowns her in an attempt to make her stay.

Jessica sets off after her brother's murderer alone, but she soon runs into the hero and Yangus again as they attempt to cross the sea. She agrees to help them if they will kill the sea monster that is keeping ships from sailing. When they arrive on the other contineent, she begins to travel with them. The party also picks up the roguish holy knight, Angelo (Kukule in Japanese), who is quite smitten with Jessica's charms.

When the party finally catches up to Dhoulmagus and kills him, Jessica picks up the distinctive staff he was holding. When everyone wakes up the next morning, she is gone. When the party catches up with her, they find that she has been corrupted by their true enemy, the dark lord Rhapthorne, whose power was trapped in the staff. She is now attempting to complete the task the Dhoulmagus had begun - eliminating the bloodlines of the sages who orignally sealed Rhapthorne away. A bloodline that included Jessica's own family, and the reason Alistair was killed.

When she is finally brought to her senses by her friends, she is regretful of what she did under Rhapthorne's influence, and she is more determined to see him defeated.