Apr 202011

Years ago, when I first discovered the Internet, I started a little web site. It was hosted at Tripod, back when it was a free web host and I think they gave you 2 MB of space, or something ridiculous like that.

My site was called “Tangled in the Web,” which I thought was incredibly clever at the time. It was a simple personal web site, where I wrote about my hobbies and interests and shared things I thought were interesting. A proto-blog, if you will. I was rather naive at the time, and probably shared way too much information about myself. I created my first amateurish web designs there, complete with horrible animated gifs, busy background images, and ugly text.

That first clumsy web site was a stepping stone. I soon discovered how much I enjoyed writing html code and designing web sites. Tangled became a Blogger blog for a little bit, and then, because I owned a web domain, I installed WordPress and moved it to my own hosting.

I rarely updated it. I had trouble thinking of things to write about. I felt that it should be more like my LiveJournal, where I should write about day-to-day things, but I was frightened by the lack of post security. I stopped blogging, and took down Tangled.

I kept my hand in the world of web design, though. I had become enamored of the fanlisting community, which gave me a reason and place to practice my web design and coding. I learned a lot and shared knowledge with the (mostly female) community. Because of fanlistings, my view of web development was actually a little skewed, as I saw mainly teen girls and young women participating. It was actually kind of empowering: an entire community of ladies who were coders, scripters, and designers.

While I still post on LiveJournal and use it mainly as a substitute for a paper journal (when I write in it at all), I haven’t had a regular public blog in years. I’ve felt a bit like I was missing something.

Why start again now?

I have found myself lately starting to write posts or comments on LiveJournal about something I’m really passionate about, and realizing that the topic was something I wanted more feedback on. I wanted a place for discussion about anything and everything that catches my eye, whether it’s a favorite game, a good book, or just a thought about life that strikes me a particular way. I wanted a place where I could geek out and fangirl my favorite things, and invite others to do so with me. I wanted to practice writing again; to talk about life, the universe and everything; to share my unhealthy obsessions with pirates, video games, books, and all manner of geeky things with the world.

The Internet is a wide sea full of strange and wonderful things. This is my ship, such as it is. You’re welcome to come along for the journey, comment and share. Hopefully, it will be a fun ride.

  5 Responses to “Returning”

  1. Maaannn I vaguely remember Tangled… When you mentioned it it flickered this little spark of memory. Sheesh we go back a while. XD

  2. Yay! Welcome back to blogging ;)

    And wow, 2MB was amazing! ;) I was on Xoom.com and I had UNLIMITED SPACE OMG! XD

  3. Hooray, another geekery blog. Welcome back then. Must add you to my blogroll and my RSS reader. :-)

  4. I recall that I had a GeoCities site, but not sure if I had a Tripod site before I started with LJ…

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